Nato Original Bracelets

Nato Geneva bracelet

At Atelier des Bergues we are the official supplier of the brand

  • Woven nylon available in 4 widths: 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm
  • Designed from a single piece
  • One-piece buckle, irremovable
  • Buckle and heat-sealed loops
  • Nylon band cutout and heat sealed holes

Gear up like the Royal Navy divers!

Many colors available in our shop.

Bracelet Nato Genève
Bracelet Nato Genève

22mm Nato Strap

The 20mm NATO in this dimension remains compatible with the majority of modern ROLEX (Submariner, Daytona, Air King etc.) and old ones like the 1680, 5513 or SUB RED.

For patinated indexes of vintage watches, it is absolutely necessary to choose a NATO with a beige reminder!

If there is a red detail on the dial (GMT hand or SUB RED inscription), a reminder of red on your NATO will bring perfect harmony.

Swiss Nato Strap

How to recognize a real NATO strap?

It bears the BN engraved hallmark.

Made famous since their appearance on James Bond's wrist, the striped NATO is also a great classic.

An inexpensive accessory that will radically change the look of a modern or sporty watch. MACHINE WASHABLE. Discover in video how to change a NATO strap in a few seconds ...

Bracelet Nato suisse
Bracelet Nato suisse

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